6 Interesting Facts About Airplanes that You Might Not Know

The invention of airplanes changed how the world works and it made so many things possible. It made traveling long distances faster and easier. It created new jobs. It helped improve trade between countries by making cargo transport faster. And so on and so on. Airplanes are wondrous things and a lot of research, study, testing, and work goes into designing and manufacturing them. Here are a few interesting facts about airplanes that you may not know:

It takes four different forces to make flying possible. Flight requires wings, but it also requires forces to make the wings do their job. The four forces involved in making flight possible are lift, thrust, drag, and weight. Flying is a complex action.

Oxygen masks on planes have limited supply. The oxygen in a single oxygen mask found on airplanes only lasts for about 15 minutes. This may seem very short, but it is enough time for the pilot to bring the plane down to a better height where oxygen may no longer be a problem.

All flight personnel have to speak English. English is the required language of flight and all pilots, attendants, controllers, and other personnel must be able to speak English.

The cost of airplane parts is extreme. A single window frame or windshield of an airplane costs roughly the same as buying a BMW. Can you imagine how much the total costs are for manufacturing and assembling all the parts of an airplane?

Airport control windows must be built to specific standards. To avoid reflections from the inside and outside of a control tower, the windows must be designed and built at exactly 15 degrees from vertical. This is an important safety measure.

The longest airplane exceeds the distance the Wright brothers flew. The C-5 is a military aircraft and the longest airplane in the world. It is roughly the length of six stories or 143 feet. This is longer than the 120 feet that the Wright brothers flew with the first successful flight in history.

Airplanes have many more interesting facts and stories. They truly are a marvel of modern times and we are eagerly awaiting new developments. The future of airplanes will bring many amazing inventions.

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