Aerospace Engineering: What Aerospace Engineers Do and Other Facts

Aerospace engineering is a fascinating area and is responsible for designing and creating all the things that fly in the air from satellites to space ships. Aerospace engineers are very clever people and they have made it possible for us to travel faster and easier from one place to another. They have made it possible for humans to fly to the moon and other planets. It’s pretty amazing.

What do aerospace engineers do?

In a nutshell, they design aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and satellites, among others. They also test prototypes of the designs to see if they will work and if they are safe for human use. The duties of an aerospace engineer include directing and coordinating the design and manufacturing of aerospace craft. They also manage the testing of these aircraft and other related products. They also:

– Do project management and evaluate proposals to determine their feasibility.
– Evaluate different aspects of the process to determine safety, potential outcomes, financial feasibility, and whether it meets customer requirements and engineering principals.
– Do quality evaluations and set standards for completion, requirements, and completion dates.
– Inspect faulty systems and aircraft to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it.

Aerospace engineers tend to specialize in a specific area of aerospace, for example, aerodynamics, acoustics, flight mechanics, thermodynamics, etc. They are at the forefront of inventing new technologies that can be used in aviation, defense systems, and other related areas.

What types of aerospace engineers to do get?

There are two main types of aerospace engineers – aeronautical and astronautical.

Aeronautical engineers specialize in designing, studying, and manufacturing aircraft and their different systems. These engineers focus on aircraft that are used inside the Earth’s atmosphere.

Astronautical engineers focus more on spacecraft. They work with aircraft and spacecraft and study how they function inside and outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

General facts

Aerospace engineers are well-paid and can work in any environment where aircraft, spacecraft, and defense systems are involved. They require a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering or a related engineering field. These engineers are very smart and will keep developing new technologies that will make air travel easier and faster.

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