Airfield/Workshop Visits

Experience has shown that the facility where we build and operate is not suited to general tours.  In light of this, we are currently working, in conjunction with industry players and the AvTech Academy, towards the establishment of a Learning and Discovery Centre to be opened at some point in 2014.  Admission fees are expected to be $10 per person, to cover the costs and ongoing development of the facility.

Until that point, we are unable to facilitate visits to our workshops.  We ask you to understand our position in relation to health, safety and security.


Once the learning and discovery centre is opened, it will have rules for access too...because safety is of the utmost importance during a visit of any kind.  . In order to protect all parties involved, we have established strict codes during visits which include visitors’ dress, shoes, and behaviour. 

  • Appropriate clothing must be worn
  • Only closed shoes (no sandals nor flip-flops - proper closed shoes ONLY)
  • No alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  • Your group must provide its own insurance cover for the visit (site of cover note required)
  • No urinating or defecating unless in the appropriate toilet facilities
  • All rules, regulations and instructions must be followed at all times
  • No arms, matches, lighters or ignition sources
  • No use of mobile phones during presentations
  • No photographs without prior permission 
  • No littering
  • No wandering away from the group
  • No touching or entering areas unless expressly instructed to do so
  • Fences and markings must be respected at all times
  • Unnecessary noise will not be tolerated, especially during safety briefings, lectures, etc
  • Long hair must be tied back
  • For each group of 10 persons under the age of 18 there must be at least one supervising adult provided by the visiting group.  (eg for 1 to 10 persons, 1 supervisors, for 11 - 20 persons 2 supervisors, for 21 - 30 persons 3 supervisors, etc.)

Failure to adhere to the above and other regulations may result in our refusal of admission and or immediate ejection from site of your group

We ask for your assistance in ensuring your own safety and that of those around you.