What does WAASPS stand for?

Nothing. It goes back a long way. Whilst seeking approvals to start the operation we spent about three years running around offices several times per week showing a presentation called ‘ West African Aviation Solutions Proposal – or WAASP.

In an area where this class of aircraft had never really been given its place, bundled up with the bigger toys, it was necessary to establish that aircraft could be built, maintained and operated and local pilots taught a more affordable National Licence.

Finally that advocacy work paid off and we were give the go ahead to create the operation… and so we needed a name. We had some really good ones, then as we were discussing it at the then Ministry of Aviation, one official told us ‘no matter what name you give it you will always be the ‘WAASP’s people. The name was thus earned, and not given – a strange but true fact about WAASPS, the people who lobbied long and hard and got permission to make it happen through appropriate regulatory change and a lot of sweat capital!