WAASPS was born out of the need to find a solution to the challenges of reaching the rural parts of Ghana in a safe and efficient manner. Seeing the needs of the rural people struck the heart of the founder of WAASPS and he set about getting ten initial shareholders together to form a business that could build, train and support rural aviation solutions including training, crop-spraying, public health spraying, medical / health missions, photo-video, banner towing and other areas that this sector of aviation can excel in. It took many years of lobbying, regulatory development and other efforts to achieve the opening of Kpong Airfield in November 2005.

Today, the number of shareholders is five represented from Ghana, Britain, The Netherlands and Southern Africa.

The field has grown and the organic nature of developing a new sector of aviation led to many changes.

WAASPS operates the humanitarian flights for Medicine on the Move, provides the majority of resources for the AvTech Academy and works on engineering solutions in the CNC Centre.


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