Key Personnel

WAASPS is more like a family than a business, our focus is people centric and the social-entrepreneurship model carries through the team.

Patricia, also referred to as 'the girl who built a plane and flew it around Ghana' is the Manager of the site - she handles the flying school, workshops and hangars.  Patricia generally takes out the trial flights, conversion flights, check rides and works with students as they progress in their learning.  Whenever we have a landing competition she always wins - but her landings are spectacular.  Whether booking a lesson for a trial flight or a lesson, booking your aircraft in for service or simply calling for directions, Patricia is the key person to assist you in your flying/engineering contacts.  She is extreemly competent and has flown not only all around Ghana but also flown the Extra 300, Stearman, Cessna 170 (taildragger) and all of the Zenith high wing aircraft, she is also the first Rotax certified female aircraft engine mechanic - and she teaches on the iRMT courses too!

Capt. Yaw, also known as Jonathan, is the Chief Flying Instructor, Chief Engineer and technical advisor for the team.  He shares his experiences and is also the examiner for the National Pilots Licence here at Kpong.  He has many stories to tell, and if you are careful you can miss them!

Mavis, chef and beverage master at the Bowser, our little snack bar at the airfield - she is always smiling and ready to cook breakfast, lunch or just a snack - and generally has a fridge full of cold drinks to sell you too!  

Clay, also known as 'WebLord' is an invisible figure - but an essential one.  This site and the Medicine on the Move site are his work, and he is an active supporter of all that goes up and down here at Kpong.  Clay is planning to visit soon - so perhaps he will be seen treading the sods of the apron here in Ghana, we certainly hope so!