Aerial Survey and Surveillance is essentail in many parts of our region.  It is often impossible to obtain upto date maps and development data, which can result in being under or mis-informed.  A simple flight can answer many questions, and with one of our experienced pilots, can help our clients to make judicous decision that can often change the outcomes of a project in a matter of hours.  

One recent flight for an agricultural client was related to routing irrigation pipes.   We flew the 5 km stretch several times, looking at issues - related to other developments as well as topography and access.  Together, we found a solution that saved the client many tens of thousands of dollars - all in a ninety minute survey flight!

We have flown industrial surveys related to flooding and run-off as well as surveys for selection of land for a variety of uses.

Whether agricultural, industrial, civil works or other, a flight in one of our aicraft, operating low and slow over the target area has proven itself to save our clients many, many times the cost of the survey flight itself.