We have one large hangar, called the 'Green Hangar' able to house 4 small aircraft, it is about 16m wide x 15m deep and a 4.5m tall opening.   The floor is laterite, and it is generally used for the aircraft which fly less often, are too tall for our other hangars or for clients seeking lower cost hangarage..

Our hangar block composes of 4 individual hangars, each is 12m wide x 8m deep and have openings to 4m at the front.  Two of these are used for the engineering department, Hangar 1 (with stores, spraybooth, etc attached) is for the metal aircraft works and hangar 2 for servicing and cloth aircraft work.  Hangars 3 and 4 are rented out to clients seeking individual hangarage.

If you are seeking hangarage, do note that we hope to start work on another hangar block in 2013.