All operations are PPR (Prior Permission Required) you can call or mail (see contacts). No international flights may commence or end at Kpong Airfield.

Our well maintained grass runways are orientated 19/01 and 29/11. Circuit height is 600' with SafeTycom frequency generally available 133.300 or 125.000. You may find the ATIS from Accra useful on 113.100 (under trials from 16 September 2011). Locating the runway visually is relatively easy - it lies 3nm North of Krobo Mountain (1000' tall) midway between the mountain and the Kpong fishing quay on the Volta. Other useful landmarks are Osuduku Mountain (1700') at10nm to the East and Yogaga Mountain (1500') at 5nm to the North by North West.

19 1100m fence to fence with 500m x 30m runway; 200m undershoot - do not land before the threshold markers
01 1100m fence to fence with 500m x 30m runway; 400m undershoot - please avoid landing more than two hundred meters before the threshold markers.

All circuits on 19/01 are to the West, unless otherwise instructed

kpong airfield_1

29 425m fence to fence with 200m x 15m runway; 75m undershoot - neem trees on approach - watch for the orange fence marker. Avoid being below 250' when crossing the river line. The last half is very downhill and has trees and powerlines on climbout. Caution is advised. Go around must be initiated latest by intersection with main runway.

11 425m fence to fence with 200m x 15m runway; 150m undershoot - power lines and trees on approach use only in emergency or from a 'bad weather 300' circuit'. The first half is very uphill. Watch for the orange fence marker at the end of the runway (29 end).

Circuits on 29/11 are not normally permitted. They are used for emergency and in training for bush operations and cross wind training.

approach to_kpong

Here we can see Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi turning final from a left base for Runway 19 at Kpong Airfield.