Weather - or Meteorology or just 'met' is one of the most constraining factors on light aviation. Tropical weather is more 'fickle' and demands a more pragmatic approach than the met in the more temperate climes.

It is not unusual for a flight to take us between two violent storms, perhaps no more than 5nm from each wing tip, with no danger to the aircraft .... in certain seasons.... if you try the same thing in another season you may not come home!

We provide our pilots with a variety of tools to better understand the weather in our area.

OBSERVATIONAL: It is normally possible to 'see' a few hours ahead. Look to the East and guage it. Remember we are moving eastwards (due to the planets spin) much faster than those in Europe, since we are on the widest part of the planet! What you see to the east, is generally what will be over you in a short time.

SATELITE: We use the EUMETSAT images - but remember they are far from accurate.... they can show clear and we can be in a water bath! (Please note (esp Kris) that the image below is not a current one .... visit 

http://oiswww.eumetsat.org/IPPS/html/MSG/PRODUCTS/MPE/WESTERNAFRICA/index.htm for the latest one)

lake 16 sep 2011 at 9pm

SEASONAL/EXPERIENCE BASED: Each season has its own met-special - and we take that into account. The same looking sky today will give a different yield to one in six months! With many years of observational weather and experience we provide a met-outlook that is used by other companies and even tweet #KpongWX during critical times.