Aircraft Build

What does it mean to Build an Aircraft v Assemble an Aircraft?

There are several things to take into account here... 

Legally an aircraft is BUILT by the person/organisation that has done more than 50% of the work.

For customs purposes, in many countries, the aircraft is considered a KDK (Knock Down Kit for Assembly) where the amount of work done on arrival in the country is more than 30%.  (ie it must be less than 70% complete on arrival).

Assembly is generally considered 'bolting together the sub-assemblies' (eg you have ready made wings, fueslage, etc and you bolt them together).

In our case, when we build an aircraft we are building!  Some parts are marked out and produced from stock sheet, bar, extrusion, angle from drawings.   Other parts come in partially complete, for example comples bends and most of the welded components.  Some are 'ready to fit'.  The Tube and Cloth machines are conisderably less onerous to build due to the Raj Hamsa princples of packaging componet sets together with the majority of the holes already drilled.  The Zenith aircraft require engineering and more tools to complete.  

We can build a plane 'key in hand' or 'to assemble at destination' or 'provide in kit form' or indeed 'plans only' depending on the model.  What is important to remember is the regulations where you are may affect the way your aircraft can legally be built and flown.  We also offer builder assist, where your aircraft can be built here, by you, with our assistance and access to our extensive workshop facilities.

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