Lesson structure

 We no longer rent our own aircraft for flight instruction.  Those wishing to learn to fly should first obtain ownership or part ownership of their own aircraft.  Our instructors may refuse to fly in any aircraft that they do not feel comfortable with.

At WAASPS, you are in the cockpit and on the controls from the first day.  We work with you through the syllabus, repeating sections that you need repeated in the cockpit.  We expect you to study the extensive documentation in your training materials pack and to ask questions as you go.

All flights are recorded on our data systems, including your debrief notes.  These records are available to the security agencies and also help us to keep a suitable track of your progress.  Should you move to another country and want your records, we can print them and stamp them for you (we have done this for a number of ex-pats and Ghanaians already)

Each lesson is structured as follows:

pre-flight  -  sign-out and briefing -  flight lesson - post-flight cockpit debrief - post-flight debrief to the records system - homework given (as appropriate)

Lesson progression tends to go as follows:

Straight and Level



Climbs - descents

Parallel and perpendicular flying and circuit pattern flying at 1000', 800', 600'


Emergencies in the circuit

Navigation methods

Emergencies during cross country

Written Exam (must have Medical by this point)


Solo Circuits


Cross Country and solo hours building

Improving technique

Qualifying Cross Country

General Flying Test