Licence Types and applications

Licence Types and applications

Private Ultralight Pilot (PUP) - The National Pilot Licence in Ghana:

 We no longer rent our own aircraft for flight instruction.  Those wishing to learn to fly should first obtain ownership or part ownership of their own aircraft.  Our instructors may refuse to fly in any aircraft that they do not feel comfortable with.

This licence requires a minimum of 30 hours supervised flight training, including 10 hours solo. a qualifying cross country plus passes in writen and practical assessements.  You will be requried to hold an aviation medical prior to first solo.

This is intended to offer a lower cost entry to learning to fly and owning an aircraft that is more affordable for those in the subregion.  Based upong the growing LSA, UL and Microlight movements in other countries.  Light aircraft of the type flown under this licence tend to be more affordable to own and operate.  Current limitations of this licence are : 2 seat aircraft of simple and robust construction with a Maximum Take Off Weight of 500kgs or less, (being increased to 700kg, or so we are told) for opreation within the territory of the Republic of Ghana.  Interestingly that does NOT mean that you cannot fly outside the territory of Ghana, just that permissions are required.  

With your PUP you can fly yourself and friends for personal and business trips, but not fly passengers for hire or reward.  You may also gain ratings for 

Banner Towing

Aerial Dispersal

Humanitarian Aviation

Aerial Photo/Video

Flight Training (UIE - Ultralight Instructor Examiner)

Sea Plane flying 

and more...

A PUP can be used as a stepping stone to the futher licences, with up to 20 hours (in some countries more) counted towards a Ghana PPL and all solo hours/hour building in 3-axis conventional aircraft can count towards further licences (especially the FAA licences).

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

This licence requires a minimum of 40 hours supervised flight training, including 10 hours solo and a qualifying cross country and passes in writen and practical assessements.  You will be requried to hold an aviation medical prior to first solo.

This isthe more traditional entry point.  We do not offer this as an entry point, since the PUP, in our experience, offers a more rounded flying entry point, at a more affordable rate.  However, if you are definately going for a fast track commercial licence, and can afford the higher costs, you may choose this route.  Do note thay you will require at least 5 hours supervised flgiht conversion to the PUP from a PPL or higher licence. 

Cost for a PPL vary, but in US dollar terms you can expect to pay around $15,000 for your PPL from ab-initio (that is if you start with this licence)

Night VFR: This is a rating that allows you to fly at night under visual flight rules.  In Ghana this is not currently a legal flight type. Night VFR training in other countries normally costs around $3000

Instrument Rating: This is a rating that can be added onto a PPL.  Those converting from a PUP may use some of the IR hours towards their conversion time if routing from the PUP.  The IR allows you to fly out of sight of the ground, using instruments only.  IR ratings in other countries usually cost around $4,000 to obtain.

Commercial Pilots Licence:  This requires at least 150 hours of flight experience prior to entry to the course.  That hour building can be on 3-axis conventional aircraft for the FAA licence.  WAASPS is working with a school in California for the PUP students with enough hours to a fast track, adapted FAA CPL programme, where most of the hours are flown in Ghana in relatively low cost aircraft such as the CH701, and the hours credited to the FAA licence.  You should budget around $40,000 to reach licence, in other countries.  

The CPL allows you to fly 'certified aircraft' for hire or reward.  Be warned that the starting salaries are not great, and at times operators will actually ask you to 'pay to work' in order to fly with them.

Air Transport Pilot Licence ATPL: This requires many hours (1500), and is not offerend in Ghana.  You should budget around $100,000 to reach this licence.

The ATPL is required to fly airliners.