912 iS Sport 100Hp, Fuel Injected

Based on the proven concept of the Rotax 912 S/ ULS engine the new 912 iS Sport engine is the natural mechatronic evolution that offers all well known advantages of the Rotax 4-stroke engine series, complemented by additional features:-

  • Dual ignition, with new ignition coils providing starting at lower RPM, thus requiring a smaller battery
  • Dual fuel injectors on each cylinder - offer full redundancy and optimised fuel economy at all altitudes
  • Dual ECU offering full system redundancy
  • Dual generators providing autonomous power for the ECU control and associated engine electronics
  • Knock sensor (not yet implemented, planned to be activated by software upgrade on a future release)
  • Full LED indication on the 20+ fuse positions that protect the system (no need to test a fuse - you can see which one needs changed)
  • Less than 100millisecond boot time on the ECU making starting and, in the event of need, in-flight restarts simple and rapid
  • No choke
  • No carburettors (hence no 200hour carb service and balancing)
  • Estimated savings of over 20% on fuel consumption
  • Estimated savings of over Euro 30 per hour compared to certain other aircraft engines
  • Factory exhaust system with EGT probes already installed at optimum position
  • Slipper clutch as standard
  • Black crankcase for style and increased corrosion protection
  • New Crankcase hull offering better oil recovery
  • New oil pump providing greater oil throughput
  • ECU wiring loom with all sensors as standard
  • Uses the International Standard CAN Aerospace Protocols, which are readlily compatible with many digital EFIS units)    (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CANaerospace
  • Sets the standard for Fuel Injected Engines - protecting the environment and promoting growth in LSA, Light and General Aviation...
  • 2000 hrs TBO
  • AND with a new airbox to give a more 'sporty' torque curve that will take your breath away!
With the 912 iS Sport: Fly longer and go further with same amount of fuel...

(NOTE: Minimum 95RON is required to operate this engine with current release settings)
WAASPS personnel are fully trained on the installation and maintenance of the 912iS Sport and have several hundred hours flying experience in West Africa with the iS engine!

(NOTE: This is not a 'standard swap over engine' it requires a specific installation to be carried out by suitably qualified persons.)
Below: Patricia Mawuli Nyekodzi of WAASPS and MoM, with the BRP team at the launch of the 912iS - the day after completing her 912iS installation training at Gunskirchen, Austria where the Rotax Aircraft Engines are made...