Why Rotax?

We have many years of experience of flying in West Africa, and of different engines.  Without a doubt the most appropriate engine for light aircraft operation requiring 80-115Hp in this environment is, in our opinion, the Rotax four stroke aircraft engine.  Able to operate on lower octane fuels, geared props, slipper clutches (to protect the crankshaft in case of a prop strike) and triple cooling systems - the Rotax really is the Queen of Engines for our types of operations.

One of our engines flew, in an uncowled applicaiton, for two hours in a tropical storm.  All the electrics in the cockpit went out, but the engine kept on running and after landing in a 40kt wind with torrential rain, and left on the tarmac overnight, fired up first time the next morning.  

In another airframe, we have run the Rotax engine on missions lasting over 8 hours, over hostile terrain at low levels, and that engine gave full confidence to the crew. 

Of course, reliability is directly related to two things 'the quality of the product and the quality of maintenance'.  Rotax Aircraft Engines are a quality product, and our workshops offer a vast array of spares as well as well trained aircraft engineers to ensure that the engine gets the best of attention.   

We also offer training to those who are involved in day to day maintenance of their engine in accordance with the iRMT standards.