The CH701 is a legend in light aviation.  Also known as the 'Sky Jeep', this aircraft is a real tough 'go anywhere' airplane that just loves to fly.  We have build a CH701 for a client who uses it almost every weekend, and also build the Medicine on the Move 701 which can stay aloft for over 10 hours for search and rescue mission, make supply drops and act as a very stable camera ship for survey, monitoring and assessment flights.

We flew both of our CH701s on an around Ghana challenge in 2010, routing Kpong, Koforidua, Cape Coast, Takoradi (land), Mim, Sunyani (land and refuel), Bui, Mole, Wa, Tamale (land and refuel), Techiman, Kumasi, Kpong, Accra, Kpong.  Covering the distance in 3 leisurly days in less than 18 hours flying time - about the same time as it would take to drive from Accra to Wa!  

We recommend the bubble doors, extended range fuel tanks and Vortex Generators to all of our clients.  

701 patricia



You can read more about the CH701 here